But when we have to ‘brand’ ourselves, figure out an elevator pitch, or choose a design for our website? HALP! Either you try to cram everything together and it looks like a junk shop/hoarder house landed on your website, or… you try to pick and choose which fraction of yourself to show people.

I fell in love with branding while working with my one-on-one Brand Style  clients.

Our conversations would start by talking about what they liked, how they decorated their homes, where they loved going on vacation, what they did when they weren’t working. (This evolved into the personality quiz  I send all my clients!)

Which doesn’t feel good.

Which isn’t authentic.

Which isn’t fulfilling.

You can’t bring your whole self to work that way!

The worst part is - that’s what a lot of designers and brand experts tell you to do.

I disagree. Your brand should reflect who you are and what you love. Because that’s how your clients will fall in love with YOU!


Find out your Brand Style!


Find out your
Brand Style!


Find out your Brand Style!

To them, their tastes often felt like a mishmash of influences. But I could immediately see the common threads linking these apparently disconnected dots. I could find the theme, see the whole vision, and merge it together into a cohesive visual identity.

That is what branding should be:

A visual identity that accurately, and lovingly reflects the whole you - and attracts the clients you want to work with.

When your brand reflects all of who you are, your business becomes so much more fulfilling.

You won’t get bored, because you haven’t pigeonholed yourself. You won’t come off as generic, because there’s only one you. You don’t have to pick and choose which parts of yourself to show or hide.

Our creative process begins with you - ENTIRELY.

When people see the real you, they will love you even more! And together, we infuse you into your business - rather than starting with your business and trying to SQUEEZE a little of you in there!

Branding, Design & Photo Styling that Lets Your Soul
Shine Through

When we work together, we’ll find the throughline of your story, and with my background in graphic design, visual communications and production design, I’ll craft your visual identity, including:

Brand colors
Web & social media graphics
Headshots, lifestyle & curated photography for your online presence

Why I’m so freakin’ qualified to do this

Sometimes you take the scenic route and realize it’s led you exactly where you’re meant to be.

My first degree is in graphic design and visual communications (for entertainment and fashion). 

My second degree is in production design for film and television (I’ve got great stories about working on Grimm in Portland, and that time I did a music video with Will Smith…).

In my 10 + years as a designer I've created content for awesome companies like BuzzFeed, YMCA, the city of San Jose, GLIDE, and The San Francisco Aeronautical Society, and have worked on productions with Disney, MTV, NBC Universal, BRAVO and Honda to name a few!

My OBSESSION with learning and type A personality makes it so Im always studying and growing in my knowledge of all things design, the arts, business and Disneyland fun facts of course!

I am truly and whole heartedly in love with what I do, and I believe it shows! Not just in my work, but in my approach and attention I give my clients! So much so that we often become friends and even end up collaborating, because support is everything when you're starting your own business!

With this comprehensive design experience, not only do I know how to make a brand beautiful on (digital) paper, I also know how to translate that into branding a physical space, and using every object, outfit, texture and location to tell your story.

That's my story!

It’s all storytelling, really - storytelling that converts

Your business has a story. You have a story. Often, it’s the same story. And it’s always a good one.

It’s my job to make your story something everyone can see, but that resonates most for your ideal clients.

Where other graphic designers end - that’s where my
personal magic begins.

Take me to Brand Style

Working with me starts when you tell me your story. Then, together, we’ll determine the colors, textures, fonts and visual elements that illustrate it.

Then I take the essence of all of those influences, and give you logo options, website graphics, social media assets, business cards, etc.

Take me to Site & Social Style

But we’re not done yet.

Because you are your business - and your business is you. That means you need to shine through on your website and social accounts.

Which means, you need photographs that support your brand, that tell your story. 

I use my background in production design and visual merchandising to set up a photoshoot of you, your workspace, your happy places - the spaces that reflect who you are and what you love - and curate, and style, everything. Including your office. Including you. 

It’s like having your very own set of gorgeous un-’stock’ photos, except nobody else can have them. They’re yours. They’re YOU!

Take me to Photo Style


Take me to PHOTO STYLE

You can use these branded lifestyle photos of you, looking your best, on your website and social media accounts, in your emails and newsletters, on your blog posts and sales pages.

This is where your brand can truly, tangibly be expressed, in a way that is authentic to you and impossible to copy.

Because your brand should be as unique as you are.

Let’s get you out there!
Schedule a free consultation call.